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Ahmad Chatila
President and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Chatila has served as President and Chief Executive Officer and member of the board of directors of SunEdison since March 2009. Mr. Chatila oversaw our acquisition of SunEdison LLC in 2009 and developed SunEdison’s solar strategy. Prior to joining SunEdison, Mr. Chatila served as Executive Vice President, Memory and Imaging Division of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, a semiconductor design and manufacturing company, from July 2005 to February 2009. From September 2004 to June 2005, Mr. Chatila was the Vice President of Operations of the Cypress Memory and Imaging Division, and before that he served as Managing Director of the low power memory business unit in the Memory and Imaging Division from January 2003 to September 2004. Mr. Chatila initially joined Cypress in 1991 and held a number of management roles in wafer technology development, manufacturing and sales since that time, including the positions described above. From November 1997 to December 1999, Mr. Chatila worked for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) as Senior Account Manager, before rejoining Cypress in January 2000. Mr. Chatila has over 20 years’ experience in the semiconductor industry, with increasing responsibility as an executive during this time, prior to his appointment as our President and Chief Executive Officer.