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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 09/18/2013
Entire Document

(b) As of the Applicable Time (as defined below) and as of the Closing Date or the Option Closing Date, as the case may be, neither (i) the General Use Free Writing Prospectus(es) (as defined below) issued at or prior to the Applicable Time, the Statutory Prospectus (as defined below) and the information included on Schedule II hereto, all considered together (collectively, the “General Disclosure Package”), nor (ii) any individual Limited Use Free Writing Prospectus (as defined below), when considered together with the General Disclosure Package, included or will include any untrue statement of a material fact or omitted or will omit to state a material fact necessary in order to make the statements therein, in the light of the circumstances under which they were made, not misleading; provided, however, that the Company makes no representations or warranties as to information contained in or omitted from the General Disclosure Package or any Issuer Free Writing Prospectus, in reliance upon, and in conformity with, written information furnished to the Company by or on behalf of any Underwriter through the Representatives, specifically for use therein, it being understood and agreed that the only such information is that described in Section 12 hereof.

As used in this subsection and elsewhere in this Agreement:

Applicable Time” means 7:00 p.m. (New York time) on the date of this Agreement or such other time as agreed to by the Company and the Representatives.

Effective Date” means any date and time as of which any part of such “automatic shelf registration statement” relating to the Shares became, or is deemed to have become, effective under the Securities Act.

General Use Free Writing Prospectus” means any Issuer Free Writing Prospectus that is identified on Schedule II hereto.

Issuer Free Writing Prospectus” means any “issuer free writing prospectus,” as defined in Rule 433 under the Act, including without limitation any “free writing prospectus” (as defined in Rule 405 under the Act relating to the Shares that is (i) required to be filed with the Commission by the Company, (ii) a “road show that is a written communication” within the meaning of Rule 433(d)(8)(i), whether or not required to be filed with the Commission, or (iii) excepted from filing with the Commission pursuant to Rule 433(d)(5)(i) because it contains a description of the Shares or of the offering that does not reflect the final terms, in each case in the form filed or required to be filed with the Commission or, if not required to be filed, in the form retained in the Company’s records pursuant to Rule 433(g).

Limited Use Free Writing Prospectus” means any Issuer Free Writing Prospectus that is not a General Use Free Writing Prospectus.

Renewal Deadline” means the third anniversary of the initial Effective Date of the Registration Statement.

Statutory Prospectus” means the Preliminary Prospectus in use immediately prior to the Applicable Time, including any document incorporated by reference therein and any prospectus supplement deemed to be a part thereof.