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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form 8-K on 09/18/2013
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If the undersigned is an officer or director of the Company, (i) the Representatives agree that, at least three business days before the effective date of any release or waiver of the foregoing restrictions in connection with a transfer of shares of Common Stock, they will notify the Company of the impending release or waiver, and (ii) the Company has agreed or will agree in the Underwriting Agreement to announce the impending release or waiver by press release through a major news service at least two business days before the effective date of the release or waiver. Any release or waiver granted by the Representatives hereunder to any such officer or director shall only be effective two business days after the publication date of such press release. The provisions of this paragraph will not apply if (a) the release or waiver is effected solely to permit a transfer not for consideration and (b) the transferee has agreed in writing to be bound by the same terms described in this letter to the extent and for the duration that such terms remain in effect at the time of the transfer.

The undersigned agrees that the Company is authorized to cause the transfer agent for the Company to note stop transfer instructions on the transfer books and records of the Company with respect to any shares of Common Stock or other Company securities for which the undersigned is the record or beneficial holder.

In addition, the undersigned hereby waives any and all notice requirements and rights with respect to registration of securities pursuant to any agreement, understanding or otherwise setting forth the terms of any security of the Company held by the undersigned, including any registration rights agreement to which the undersigned and the Company may be party; provided that such waiver shall apply only to the proposed Public Offering, and any other action taken by the Company in connection with the proposed Public Offering.

The undersigned hereby agrees that, to the extent that the terms of this Lock-Up Agreement conflict with or are in any way inconsistent with any registration rights agreement to which the undersigned and the Company may be a party, this Lock-Up Agreement supersedes such registration rights agreement.

The undersigned hereby represents and warrants that the undersigned has full power and authority to enter into this Lock-Up Agreement. All authority herein conferred or agreed to be conferred shall survive the death or incapacity of the undersigned and any obligations of the undersigned shall be binding upon the heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns of the undersigned.

Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, if (i) the closing of the Public Offering has not occurred prior to September 27, 2013, (ii) the Underwriting Agreement (other than the provisions thereof which survive termination) is terminated prior to payment for and delivery of the Common Stock to be sold thereunder or (iii) any Representative notifies the Company, or the Company notifies the Representative, in writing, prior to the execution of the Underwriting Agreement, that it has determined not to proceed with the Public Offering, this agreement shall be of no further force or effect as of such time.