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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form 424B5 on 09/13/2013
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thereof authorized or required to consent thereto pursuant to the instrument creating or evidencing, or pursuant to which there is outstanding, such senior debt). In addition, we may not modify the subordination provisions of the indenture related to subordinated debt securities in a manner that would adversely affect the subordinated debt securities of any one or more series then outstanding in any material respect, without the consent of the holders of a majority in aggregate principal amount of all affected series then outstanding, voting together as one class (and also of any affected series that by its terms is entitled to vote separately as a series, as described below).

Book-entry and other indirect owners should consult their banks or brokers for information on how approval may be granted or denied if we seek to change an indenture or any debt securities or request a waiver.

Changes Requiring Majority Approval. Any other change to a particular indenture and the debt securities issued under that indenture would require the following approval:


    if the change affects only particular debt securities within a series issued under the applicable indenture, it must be approved by the holders of a majority in principal amount of such particular debt securities; or


    if the change affects debt securities of more than one series issued under the applicable indenture, it must be approved by the holders of a majority in principal amount of all debt securities of all such series affected by the change, with all such affected debt securities voting together as one class for this purpose and such affected debt securities of any series potentially comprising fewer than all debt securities of such series, in each case, except as may otherwise be provided pursuant to such indenture for all or any particular debt securities of any series. This means that modification of terms with respect to certain securities of a series could be effectuated without obtaining the consent of the holders of a majority in principal amount of other securities of such series that are not affected by such modification.

Special Rules for Action by Holders

Only holders of outstanding debt securities of the applicable series will be eligible to take any action under the applicable indenture, such as giving a notice of default, declaring an acceleration, approving any change or waiver or giving the trustee an instruction with respect to debt securities of that series. Also, we will count only outstanding debt securities in determining whether the various percentage requirements for taking action have been met. Any debt securities owned by us or any of our affiliates or surrendered for cancellation or for payment or redemption of which money has been set aside in trust are not deemed to be outstanding. Any required approval or waiver must be given by written consent.

In some situations, we may follow special rules in calculating the principal amount of debt securities that are to be treated as outstanding for the purposes described above. This may happen, for example, if the principal amount is payable in a non-U.S. dollar currency, increases over time or is not to be fixed until maturity.

We will generally be entitled to set any day as a record date for the purpose of determining the holders that are entitled to take action under either indenture. In certain limited circumstances, only the trustee will be entitled to set a record date for action by holders. If we or the trustee sets a record date for an approval or other action to be taken by holders, that vote or action may be taken only by persons or entities who are holders on the record date and must be taken during the period that we specify for this purpose, or that the trustee specifies if it sets the record date. We or the trustee, as applicable, may shorten or lengthen this period from time to time. This period, however, may not extend beyond the 180th day after the record date for the action. In addition, record dates for any global debt security may be set in accordance with procedures established by the depositary from time to time. Accordingly, record dates for global debt securities may differ from those for other debt securities.