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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form 424B5 on 09/13/2013
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and issue additional debt securities of that series. We will describe most of the financial and other specific terms of a particular series, whether it be a series of the senior debt securities or subordinated debt securities, in the prospectus supplement applicable for that series. Those terms may vary from the terms described here.

Amounts of Issuances

The indentures do not limit the amount of debt securities that may be issued under them. We may issue the debt securities from time to time in one or more series. We are not required to issue all of the debt securities of one series at the same time and, unless otherwise provided in the applicable indenture or prospectus supplement, we may reopen a series and issue additional debt securities of that series without the consent of the holders of the outstanding debt securities of that series.

Principal Amount, Stated Maturity and Maturity

Unless otherwise stated, the principal amount of a debt security means the principal amount payable at its stated maturity, unless that amount is not determinable, in which case the principal amount of a debt security is its face amount.

The term “stated maturity” with respect to any debt security means the day on which the principal amount of the debt security is scheduled to become due. The principal may become due sooner, by reason of redemption or acceleration after a default or otherwise in accordance with the terms of the debt security. The day on which the principal actually becomes due, whether at the stated maturity or earlier, is called the “maturity” of the principal.

We also use the terms “stated maturity” and “maturity” to refer to the days when other payments become due. For example, we may refer to a regular interest payment date when an installment of interest is scheduled to become due as the “stated maturity” of that installment. When we refer to the “stated maturity” or the “maturity” of a debt security without specifying a particular payment, we mean the stated maturity or maturity, as the case may be, of the principal.

Specific Terms of Debt Securities

The applicable prospectus supplement will describe the specific terms of the debt securities, which will include some or all of the following:


    the title of the series and whether it is a senior debt security or a subordinated debt security;


    any limit on the total principal amount of the debt securities of the same series;


    the stated maturity;


    the currency or currencies for principal and interest, if not U.S. dollars;


    the price at which we originally issue the debt security, expressed as a percentage of the principal amount, and the original issue date;


    whether the debt security is a fixed rate debt security, a floating rate debt security or an indexed debt security;


    if the debt security is a fixed rate debt security, the yearly rate at which the debt security will bear interest, if any, and the interest payment dates;


    if the debt security is a floating rate debt security, the interest rate basis; any applicable index currency or index maturity, spread or spread multiplier or initial base rate, maximum rate or minimum rate; the interest reset, determination, calculation and payment dates; the day count convention used to calculate interest payments for any period; the business day convention; and the calculation agent;