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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
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Section 14.11. Reliance on Judicial Order or Certificate of Liquidating Agent. Upon any payment or distribution of assets of the Company referred to in this Article XIV, the Trustee, subject to the provisions of Section 6.01, and the Holders of the Securities shall be entitled to rely upon any order or decree entered by any court of competent jurisdiction in which such insolvency, bankruptcy, receivership, liquidation, reorganization, dissolution, winding up or similar case or proceeding is pending, or a certificate of the trustee in bankruptcy, receiver, liquidating trustee, custodian, assignee for the benefit of creditors, agent or other Person making such payment or distribution, delivered to the Trustee or to the Holders of Securities, for the purpose of ascertaining the Persons entitled to participate in such payment or distribution, the holders of Senior Debt and other indebtedness of the Company, the amount thereof or payable thereon, the amount or amounts paid or distributed thereon and all other facts pertinent thereto or to this Article XIV.

Section 14.12. Trustee Not Fiduciary For Holders of Senior Debt. The Trustee shall not be deemed to owe any fiduciary duty to the holders of Senior Debt and shall not be liable to any such holders or creditors if it shall in good faith pay over or distribute to Holders of Securities or to the Company or to any other Person cash, property or securities to which any holders of Senior Debt shall be entitled by virtue of this Article XIV or otherwise. With respect to the holders of Senior Debt, the Trustee undertakes to perform or to observe only such of its covenants or obligations as are specifically set forth in this Article XIV and no implied covenants or obligations with respect to holders of Senior Debt shall be read into this Indenture against the Trustee.

Section 14.13. Rights of Trustee as Holder of Senior Debt; Preservation of Trustees Rights. The Trustee in its individual capacity shall be entitled to all the rights set forth in this Article XIV with respect to any Senior Debt which may at any time be held by it, to the same extent as any other holder of Senior Debt and nothing in this Indenture shall deprive the Trustee of any of its rights as such holder.

Nothing in this Article XIV shall apply to claims of, or payments to, the Trustee under or pursuant to Section 6.07.

Section 14.14. Article Applicable to Paying Agents. In case at any time any Paying Agent other than the Trustee shall have been appointed by the Company and be then acting hereunder, the term “Trustee” as used in this Article XIV shall in such case (unless the context otherwise requires) be construed as extending to and including such Paying Agent within its meaning as fully for all intents and purposes as if such Paying Agent were named in this Article XIV in addition to or in place of the Trustee.



Section 15.01. Security. If so provided pursuant to Section 3.01 with respect to the Securities of any series, the Securities of such series may be secured by such property, assets or other collateral as may be specified in or pursuant to Section 3.01. Any and all terms and provisions applicable to the security for the Securities of such series shall also be provided in or pursuant to Section 3.01, which may include, without limitation, provisions for the execution and