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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
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Section 7.01. Company to Furnish Trustee Names and Addresses of Holders. The Company and any Guarantor will furnish or cause to be furnished to the Trustee

(1) semi-annually, not later than [            ] and [            ] in each year, a list, in such form as the Trustee may reasonably require, of the names and addresses of the Holders of Securities of each series as of the immediately preceding [            ] or [            ] as the case may be, and

(2) at such other times as the Trustee may request in writing, within 30 days after the receipt by the Company or such Guarantor, respectively, of any such request, a list of similar form and content as of a date not more than 15 days prior to the time such list is furnished;

excluding from any such list names and addresses received by the Trustee in its capacity as Security Registrar.

Section 7.02. Preservation of Information; Communications to Holders. The Trustee shall preserve, in as current a form as is reasonably practicable, the names and addresses of Holders contained in the most recent list furnished to the Trustee as provided in Section 7.01 and the names and addresses of Holders received by the Trustee in its capacity as Security Registrar. The Trustee may destroy any list furnished to it as provided in Section 7.01 upon receipt of a new list so furnished.

The rights of Holders to communicate with other Holders with respect to their rights under this Indenture or under the Securities, and the corresponding rights and privileges of the Trustee, shall be as provided by the Trust Indenture Act.

Every Holder of Securities, by receiving and holding the same, agrees with the Company, any Guarantor and the Trustee that neither of the Company nor the Guarantors (if applicable) nor the Trustee nor any agent of any of them shall be held accountable by reason of any disclosure of information as to names and addresses of Holders made pursuant to the Trust Indenture Act.

Section 7.03. Reports by Trustee. The Trustee shall transmit to Holders such reports concerning the Trustee and its actions under this Indenture as may be required pursuant to the Trust Indenture Act at the times and in the manner provided pursuant thereto.

Reports so required to be transmitted at stated intervals of not more than 12 months shall be transmitted no later than [            ] and shall be dated as of [            ] in each calendar year, commencing in 20[    ].