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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
Entire Document

Notice of Default” means a written notice of the kind specified in Section 5.01(3).

Officer” means a Chairman of the Board, a Chief Executive Officer, a Chief Financial Officer, a President, a Vice President, a Treasurer, an Assistant Treasurer, a Secretary or an Assistant Secretary of the Company or a Guarantor, as applicable.

Officers’ Certificate” means a certificate signed by any two Officers of the Company, or any other officer or officers of the Company designated in a writing by or pursuant to authority of the Board of Directors and delivered to the Trustee from time to time.

Opinion of Counsel” means a written opinion of counsel, who may be an employee of or counsel for the Company or a Guarantor.

Original Issue Discount Security” means any Security which provides for an amount less than the principal amount thereof to be due and payable upon a declaration of acceleration of the Maturity thereof pursuant to Section 5.02.

Outstanding”, when used with respect to Securities, means, as of the date of determination, all Securities theretofore authenticated and delivered under this Indenture, except:

(1) Securities theretofore canceled by the Trustee or delivered to the Trustee for cancellation;

(2) Securities for whose payment or redemption money in the necessary amount has been theretofore deposited with the Trustee or any Paying Agent (other than the Company) in trust or set aside and segregated in trust by the Company (if the Company shall act as its own Paying Agent) for the Holders of such Securities; provided that, if such Securities are to be redeemed, notice of such redemption has been duly given pursuant to this Indenture or provision therefor satisfactory to the Trustee has been made;

(3) Securities as to which Defeasance has been effected pursuant to Section 12.02;

(4) Securities which have been paid pursuant to Section 3.06 or in exchange for or in lieu of which other Securities have been authenticated and delivered pursuant to this Indenture, other than any such Securities in respect of which there shall have been presented to the Trustee proof satisfactory to it that such Securities are held by a protected purchaser in whose hands such Securities are valid obligations of the Company; and

(5) Securities as to which any property deliverable upon conversion thereof has been delivered (or such delivery has been duly provided for), or as to which any other particular conditions have been satisfied, in each case as may be provided for such Securities as contemplated in Section 3.01;

provided, however, that in determining whether the Holders of the requisite principal amount of the Outstanding Securities have given, made or taken any request, demand, authorization, direction, notice, consent, waiver or other action hereunder as of any date, (A) the principal amount of an Original Issue Discount Security which shall be deemed to be Outstanding shall be the amount of the principal thereof which would be due and payable as of such date upon