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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
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If any Security selected for partial redemption is converted in part before termination of the conversion right with respect to the portion of the Security so selected, the converted portion of such Security shall be deemed (so far as it may be) to be the portion selected for redemption. Securities which have been converted during a selection of Securities to be redeemed shall be treated by the Trustee as Outstanding for the purpose of such selection.

The Trustee shall promptly notify the Company and each Security Registrar in writing of the Securities selected for redemption as aforesaid and, in case of any Securities selected for partial redemption as aforesaid, the principal amount thereof to be redeemed.

The provisions of the two preceding paragraphs shall not apply with respect to any redemption affecting only a single Security, whether such Security is to be redeemed in whole or in part. In the case of any such redemption in part, the unredeemed portion of the principal amount of the Security shall be in an authorized denomination (which shall not be less than the minimum authorized denomination) for such Security.

For all purposes of this Indenture, unless the context otherwise requires, all provisions relating to the redemption of Securities shall relate, in the case of any Securities redeemed or to be redeemed only in part, to the portion of the principal amount of such Securities which has been or is to be redeemed.

Section 11.04. Notice of Redemption. Notice of redemption shall be given in the manner provided in Section 1.06 not less than 30 days nor more than 60 days prior to the Redemption Date (or within such period as otherwise specified as contemplated by Section 3.01 for the relevant Securities), to each Holder of Securities to be redeemed, at his address appearing in the Security Register.

All notices of redemption shall identify the Securities to be redeemed (including CUSIP numbers, if any) and shall state:

(1) the Redemption Date,

(2) the Redemption Price,

(3) if less than all the Outstanding Securities of any series consisting of more than a single Security are to be redeemed, the identification (and, in the case of partial redemption of any such Securities, the principal amounts) of the particular Securities to be redeemed and, if less than all the Outstanding Securities of any series consisting of a single Security are to be redeemed, the principal amount of the particular Security to be redeemed,

(4) that on the Redemption Date the Redemption Price will become due and payable upon each such Security to be redeemed and, if applicable, that interest thereon will cease to accrue on and after said date,