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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
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when authorized by a Guarantor’s Board Resolution of such Guarantor, and the Trustee may enter into an indenture or indentures supplemental hereto for the purpose of adding any provisions to or changing in any manner or eliminating any of the provisions of this Indenture or of modifying in any manner the rights of the Holders of Securities of such series under this Indenture or any Guarantees of such Securities; provided, however, that no such supplemental indenture shall, without the consent of the Holder of each Outstanding Security affected thereby (including consents obtained in connection with a purchase of, or tender offer or exchange offer for, Securities),

(1) change the Stated Maturity of the principal of, or any installment of principal of or interest on, any Security, or reduce the principal amount thereof or the rate of interest thereon or any premium payable upon the redemption thereof, or

(2) permit the Company to redeem any Security if, absent such supplemental indenture, the Company would not be permitted to do so, or

(3) change any Place of Payment where, or the coin or currency in which, any Security or any premium or interest thereon is payable, or

(4) change the ranking or priority of any Security that would adversely affect the Holders, or

(5) impair the right to institute suit for the enforcement of any such payment on or after the Stated Maturity thereof (or, in the case of redemption, on or after the Redemption Date), or

(6) reduce the percentage in principal amount of the Outstanding Securities of any one or more series (considered separately or together as one class, as applicable, and whether comprising the same or different series or less than all the Securities of a series), the consent of whose Holders is required for any such supplemental indenture, or the consent of whose Holders is required for any waiver (of compliance with certain provisions of this Indenture or certain defaults hereunder and their consequences) provided for in this Indenture, or

(7) if any Security is guaranteed by the Guarantee of any Grantor, release such Guarantor from any of its obligations under such Guarantee except in accordance with the terms of this Indenture, or

(8) modify any of the provisions of this Section, Section 5.12 or Section 10.06, except to increase any such percentage or to provide that certain other provisions of this Indenture cannot be modified or waived without the consent of the Holder of each Outstanding Security affected thereby; provided, however, that this clause shall not be deemed to require the consent of any Holder with respect to changes in the references to “the Trustee” and concomitant changes in this Section and Section 10.06, or the deletion of this proviso, in accordance with the requirements of Section 6.11 and Section 9.01(10).

A supplemental indenture which changes or eliminates any covenant or other provision of this Indenture which has expressly been included solely for the benefit of one or more particular Securities or series of Securities, or which modifies the rights of the Holders of such Securities