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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
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(9) to establish the form or terms of all or any Securities of any series and any Guarantees thereof as permitted by Section 2.01 and Section 3.01; or

(10) to evidence and provide for the acceptance of appointment hereunder by a successor Trustee with respect to the Securities of one or more series and to add to or change any of the provisions of this Indenture as shall be necessary to provide for or facilitate the administration of the trusts hereunder by more than one Trustee, pursuant to the requirements of Section 6.11; or

(11) to add to or change any of the provisions of this Indenture with respect to any Securities that by their terms may be converted into securities or other property other than Securities of the same series and of like tenor, in order to permit or facilitate the issuance, payment or conversion of such Securities; or

(12) to add any Person as an additional Guarantor under this Indenture, to add additional Guarantees or additional Guarantors in respect of any Outstanding Securities under this Indenture, or to evidence the release and discharge of any Guarantor from its obligations under its Guarantees of any Securities and its obligations under this Indenture in respect of any Securities in accordance with the terms of this Indenture; or

(13) to comply with any requirement of the Commission in connection with the qualification of this Indenture under the Trust Indenture Act; or

(14) to make any amendment to the provisions of this Indenture relating to the transfer and legending of Securities; provided, however, that (a) compliance with this Indenture as so amended would not result in Securities being transferred in violation of the Securities Act or any other applicable securities law and (b) such amendment does not materially and adversely affect the rights of Holders to transfer Securities; or

(15) to make any other change to this Indenture that does not adversely affect the interests of the Holders of Securities of any series in any material respect.

The Trustee is hereby authorized to join with the Company and the Guarantors in the execution of any such supplemental indenture, to make any further appropriate agreements and stipulations which may be therein contained and to accept the conveyance, transfer, assignment, mortgage or pledge of any property thereunder, but the Trustee shall not be obligated to enter into any such supplemental indenture which affects the Trustee’s own rights, duties or immunities under this Indenture or otherwise.

Section 9.02. Supplemental Indentures With Consent of Holders. Except as may otherwise be provided pursuant to Section 3.01 for all or any specific Securities of any series or Guarantees thereof, with the consent of the Holders of a majority in principal amount (including consents obtained in connection with a purchase of, or tender offer or exchange offer for, Securities) of the Outstanding Securities of all series affected by such supplemental indenture (considered together as one class for this purpose and such affected Securities potentially being Securities of the same or different series and, with respect to any series, potentially comprising fewer than all the Securities of such series), by Act of said Holders delivered to the Company and the Trustee, the Company, when authorized by a Board Resolution, each of the Guarantors