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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
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(3) Subject to Clause (2) above and to such applicable provisions, if any, as may be specified as contemplated by Section 3.01, any exchange of a Global Security for other Securities may be made in whole or in part, and all Securities issued in exchange for a Global Security or any portion thereof shall be registered in such names as the Depositary for such Global Security shall direct.

(4) Every Security authenticated and delivered upon registration of transfer of, or in exchange for or in lieu of, a Global Security or any portion thereof, whether pursuant to this Section, Section 3.04, Section 3.06, Section 9.06 or Section 11.07 or otherwise, shall be authenticated and delivered in the form of, and shall be, a Global Security, unless such Security is registered in the name of a Person other than the Depositary for such Global Security or a nominee thereof.

Every Person who takes or holds any beneficial interest in a Global Security agrees that:

(1) the Company and the Trustee may deal with the Depositary as sole owner of the Global Security and as the authorized representative of such Person;

(2) such Person’s rights in the Global Security shall be exercised only through the Depositary and shall be limited to those established by law and agreement between such Person and the Depositary and/or direct and indirect participants of the Depositary;

(3) the Depositary and its participants make book-entry transfers of beneficial ownership among, and receive and transmit distributions of principal and interest on the Global Securities to, such Persons in accordance with the Applicable Procedures of the Depositary; and

(4) none of the Company, the Trustee nor any agent of the Company or the Trustee will have any responsibility or liability for any aspect of the records relating to or payments made on account of beneficial ownership interests of a Global Security or for maintaining, supervising or reviewing any records relating to such beneficial ownership interests.

Section 3.06. Mutilated, Destroyed, Lost and Wrongfully Taken Securities. If (a) any mutilated Security is surrendered to the Trustee or (b) both (i) there shall be delivered to the Company and the Trustee (A) a claim by a Holder as to the destruction, loss or wrongful taking of any Security of such Holder and a request thereby for a new replacement Security of the same series, and (B) such indemnity bond as may be required by them to save each of them and any agent of either of them harmless and (ii) such other reasonable requirements as may be imposed by the Company as permitted by Section 8-405 of the Uniform Commercial Code have been satisfied, then, in the absence of notice to the Company or the Trustee that such Security has been acquired by a “protected purchaser” within the meaning of Section 8-405 of the Uniform Commercial Code, the Company shall execute and upon its request the Trustee shall authenticate and deliver, in lieu of any such mutilated, destroyed, lost or wrongfully taken Security, a new Security of the same series and of like tenor and principal amount and bearing a number not contemporaneously Outstanding. In case any such mutilated, destroyed, lost or wrongfully taken Security has become or is about to become due and payable, the Company in its discretion may, instead of issuing a new Security, pay such Security.