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SUNEDISON, INC. filed this Form S-3ASR on 09/09/2013
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(13) if other than the entire principal amount thereof, the portion of the principal amount of any Securities of the series which shall be payable upon declaration of acceleration of the Maturity thereof pursuant to Section 5.02;

(14) if the principal amount payable at the Stated Maturity of any Securities of the series will not be determinable as of any one or more dates prior to the Stated Maturity, the amount which shall be deemed to be the principal amount of such Securities as of any such date for any purpose thereunder or hereunder, including the principal amount thereof which shall be due and payable upon any Maturity other than the Stated Maturity or which shall be deemed to be Outstanding as of any date prior to the Stated Maturity (or, in any such case, the manner in which such amount deemed to be the principal amount shall be determined);

(15) if applicable, that the Securities of the series, in whole or any specified part, shall not be defeasible pursuant to Section 12.02 or Section 12.03 or both such Sections, and, if such Securities may be defeased, in whole or in part, pursuant to either or both such Sections, any provisions to permit a pledge of obligations other than U.S. Government Obligations (or the establishment of other arrangements) to satisfy the requirements of Section 12.04(1) for defeasance of such Securities and, if other than by a Board Resolution, the manner in which any election by the Company to defease such Securities shall be evidenced;

(16) if applicable, that any Securities of the series shall be issuable in whole or in part in the form of one or more Global Securities and, in such case, the respective Depositaries for such Global Securities, the form of any legend or legends which shall be borne by any such Global Security in addition to or in lieu of that set forth in Section 2.04, any addition to, elimination of or other change in the circumstances set forth in Clause (2) of the penultimate paragraph of Section 3.05 in which any such Global Security may be exchanged in whole or in part for Securities registered, and any transfer of such Global Security in whole or in part may be registered, in the name or names of Persons other than the Depositary for such Global Security or a nominee thereof and any other provisions governing exchanges or transfers of any such Global Security;

(17) any addition to, elimination of or other change in the Events of Default which applies to any Securities of the series and any change in the right of the Trustee or the requisite Holders of such Securities to declare the principal amount thereof due and payable pursuant to Section 5.02 and any change to the limitations on the rights of Holders pursuant to Section 5.07;

(18) any addition to, elimination of or other change in the covenants set forth in Article X which applies to Securities of the series;

(19) any provisions necessary to permit or facilitate the issuance, payment or conversion of any Securities of the series that may be converted into securities or other property other than Securities of the same series and of like tenor, whether in addition to, or in lieu of, any payment of principal or other amount and whether at the option of the Company or otherwise;

(20) if applicable, that Persons other than those specified in Section 1.11 shall have such benefits, rights, remedies and claims with respect to any Securities of the series or under this Indenture with respect to such Securities, as and to the extent provided for such Securities;